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Our skeletal structure is made up of 206 bones which are designed to work together supporting our weight, aid in our movement and allow us to carry loads. However, without gravitational or mechanical resistance a rapid loss of bone occurs.

Osteoporosis is a disease that essentially thins the bones of our skeletal structure. This process, which is commonly referred to as a loss of bone density, weakens the bone and predisposes it to fractures resulting from even the most minor of mishaps. In fact, many who suffer from this disease experience falls resulting in bones that break or fracture seemingly without cause.

Because our bones are constantly adapting in structure to mechanical forces which are applied to them, weight bearing exercise (such as resistance training) is the best way to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Therefore, by taking part in a well-rounded resistance training program, our bones are required to bear weight and move against resistance, thus becoming stronger.

Along with the improvement in strength, exercise will aid in the development and maintenance of one’s balance, decreasing the risk for falls and as a result, decrease the risk of fractures.



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