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Over the years, there have been many families who have trained at I.F.C. But, when Gorm Lambert and his family came on board this past Summer, no one was aware of what changes they were headed for. Jeremy Smith, who had just recently completed his first year at I.F.C., earned the opportunity to get an entire family into shape. Gorm, his girlfriend, Colette, his sister, Dorte and her husband Chris.

While they each had very specific goals, they also had circumstances in their life and/or career that could have potentially been used as excuses or obstacles preventing their fitness success. Gorm is a limousine driver. At work, he is very sedentary, his schedule varies from day to day and is always on the run. Colette works at home and is constantly faced with the temptation of relaxing on the couch and putting off what needs to be done until later Dorte is a chef who specializes in pastry’s and desserts and Chris is the personal chef of a Hollywood superstar. The temptations and obstacles are obvious in both of their careers.

Armed with this information, Jeremy knew he couldn’t waiver when it came to the importance of stressing consistency with their workouts as well as their diets. Before each session, they recorded their weight and explained how closely they followed the diet. If there was any discrepancy, Jeremy would take the time to explain, even if it was for the hundredth time, what needed to be done in order for them to become successful. After each session he made sure they knew their upcoming workout schedule. After the first two months, the results are astounding:

- Scored 35 on his first evaluation and 64 on his next.
- Body Fat dropped from 29.6% to 20.0%.
- Lost 28 pounds of fat.
- Lost 4 inches off his waist and 1.5 off his hips.

- Scored 22 on her first evaluation and 47 on her next.
- Body Fat dropped from 37.1% to 30.9%.
- Lost 25 pounds of fat.
- Lost 6.5 inches of her waist and 2.75 off her hips.

- Scored 37 on her first evaluation and 58 on her next.
- Body Fat dropped from 31.5% to 26.2%.
- Lost 14 pounds of fat.
- Lost 2.5 inches off her waist and her hips.

- Scored 27 on his first evaluation and 49 on his next.
- Body Fat dropped from 30% to 21.2%.
- Lost 25.5 pounds of fat.
- Lost 4.5 inches off his waist and 3.25 off his hips.


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