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Each New Year more and more people join gyms, hire trainers and begin diets. The resolution warriors can be seen as early as mid-December each Winter. They come in four to five times a week, meet with their trainer two or three times a week and attempt to follow a flawed diet destined for the short term. Don’t be mistaken, all of these fitness hopefuls are well intentioned. However, they are also misinformed. That’s why by March or, at best, April, 95% of these individuals can no longer be found exercising.

The unfortunate part of this scenario is that if these same people were plugged into a proper program, in the time it took them to quit (three to four months), they could have already been in shape. Therefore, with the new millennium upon us, forget the resolutions and begin a reformation. This article is needed now more than ever because of overwhelming amounts of literature, supplements and exercise programs that have come and gone.

The percentage of Americans who suffer from obesity continues to rise by leaps and bounds. Therefore, it is imperative that someone in the Health and Fitness Community steps forward and reveals to the general public the truth of what is involved in obtaining long-term and permanent health and fitness. The Health and Fitness Community has failed in its attempt to educate and implement appropriate diet and exercise programs for the American public. Everyone wants to get into shape and be fit, but the basic framework to succeed has been glossed over by the ever sympathetic and enabling “professionals” in the industry.

The Health and Fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow. The profiteers in our industry have turned their focus away from the “masses” and are no longer providing the hard truths on how to get and remain in shape, nor have they ever. Rather, its focus has been turned inward towards a better income. This basic framework has probably been listed in part or entirely numerous times in periodicals, newspapers and even medical journals over the last 10 years. Therefore, the question is, “Why are we, as a society, becoming more obese?” The answer is simple...we need to accept the fact that there are no shortcuts to obtaining health and fitness. The one thing that we all leave out of the formula is time.

However, with the proper program we should be able to obtain excellent health and fitness. By coupling an effective exercise program with a diet plan that allows the body to increase its lean muscle mass, better condition will develop and a noticeable increase in health and energy levels will be realized. The program should provide for both resistance and cardiovascular training as well as effective stretching techniques.


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