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"This Meal Plan is impossible."
"How do you have a life eating like this?"
"What am I supposed to do when I eat out?"

These are just several of the comments the trainers at I.F.C. hear on a daily basis from most, if not all,of our clients at one time or another. Now, after numerous requests, I will outline some tips that we trainers use to remain fit, physically and socially. First, when going out to eat, know where you’re going. It’s always best to make plans rather than to just “wing it”. For example, if you’re going shopping with a friend, let them know when you have to eat, decide on a mutually satisfying time, pick a place and stick to it.

The easiest meal of the day to stick to is breakfast. When out, order oatmeal (no milk, no brown sugar, no fruit, and no nuts), egg white omelet with veggies (ask the server if the cook can use non-fat spray like Pam instead of butter). If you don’t eat eggs, most places will serve other proteins like chicken breast and non-fat cottage cheese during breakfast hours. Order your appropriate portions and enjoy your veggies early.

For lunch, which is now four hours later, you’re at a Mexican restaurant. Easy, chicken fajitas with rice and black beans (no tortillas, no cheese, no sour cream, no guacamole, and definitely no chips). Again, order the appropriate portions, if you’re supposed to have eight ounces of chicken, order eight ounces, if you’re to have one cup of rice, eat one cup. Maybe you find yourself at a Sushi bar. That’s fine, if you know what to order. Tuna, Whitefish, Albacore, Shrimp, Scallops, Squid, Octopus, Halibut, Yellow Tail and Eel (not the Toro) are all fine. Again, just watch the portions. No more than three to four orders (six to eight pieces of fish) would be appropriate for the I.F.C. Meal Plan. Sushi is a great way to keep on the Meal Plan, but remember, Sashimi after 5 P.M.

So far, if you have been drinking your gallon of water throughout the day, you have followed the I.F.C. Meal Plan to a “T” and didn’t have one rice cake! Now, the toughest meal of the day, dinner. It’s now been four hours since lunch and it’s past 5 P.M. Therefore, no complex carbohydrates, right? There’s bread and butter on the table, ask the server to remove it. For starters, the obvious always works, salad with the dressing on the side or an order of grilled or steamed veggies. Most places, even if not on the menu, will grill or steam veggies for a nominal charge. No surprises with the entrée. Restaurants love to douse their meal with sauces and other non-I.F.C. approved “goodies”. Ignore them, when a waiter explains the specials, order that fish fillet or chicken breast broiled, baked or grilled without it smothered in that other stuff. Season whatever you order to your taste and diet requirements. Remember to be specific. Ask how foods are cooked, if there is skin on their chicken, olive oil on there steamed veggies and anything else you think may go against your goals. Waiters know if you’re happy with your order, they’ll be happy with your tip.


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