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There are many reasons why people fail at achieving their fitness goals. The most commonly heard among trainers include; “I’m not having fun,“ “I don’t know what to do when I get to the gym,“ “I can’t seem to stay motivated,“ and “I’m not seeing any results.“ If any of the above statements sound familiar, the problem is due to a lack of consistency.

Being consistent with one’s fitness regime can breed many results. If one is consistently training with weights, chances are they are enjoying their workouts and are seeing results. If they are consistent with their diet, chances are they are seeing results and therefore looking forward to working out. Are they being motivated (either from within or by a trainer), chances are they are enjoying their training sessions and seeing results. The common denominator in the above scenarios is consistency. Not consistency with just ones training or one’s diet, but with one’s entire fitness regime. If one aspect of a fitness program is neglected, whether it is the resistance training, nutrition, endurance or flexibility, results, if any, will be slow in developing.

Some people believe that developing muscle happens slowly but surely over time. So their hypothesis is, “the longer you train, the bigger you get.” That is why people ask bodybuilders how long they have been training or how long it will take them to see the same results. The reality is that not everybody gains muscle at the same rate, and not everyone has the genetics to develop to the same level.

One should be careful about comparing themselves to others. It could result in discouragement and ultimately to a lack of consistency in one’s own training. Remember, it is not how quickly you develop that will finally make the difference, but how far you are able to go. Slow developers don’t get the immediate success or gratification that helps so much with motivation. So, don’t try to win battles, win the war.


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