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Independent Fitness Consultants (IFC) is a non-intimidating private fitness training studio in the Los Angeles area.

IFC offers the 431 Program.  This program is a revolutionary program designed to provide maximum results while incorporating each individuals needs, goals and limitations.  Programs are designed for pediatrics to geriatrics and all ages in between.  By incorporating the latest advances in heath and fitness, IFC's time proven program guarantees results. 


The 431 program was designed for individuals who are looking for quick results that are sustainable for the long term.

The 431 program consists of the following:


Progressive resistance training.  Weight training has proven to be the most effective exercise for increasing lean body mass, increasing metabolism and overall conditioning.

Active assistive range of motion.  Studies show that having a trained individual helping someone stretch provides increased flexibility and reduces injury.  Having full range of motion of all joints is a vital part of peak performance and long term health.

Cardiovascular conditioning.  Both locations have expansive cardiovascular areas designed to accommodate all individuals needs and goals.  Many of the cardiovascular machines have heart monitoring devices to ensure safety as well as optimal performance.

Energy.  The source of energy required by the human body comes in the form of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  Each of these macronutrients need to be present and in appropriate portions in order for an individual to meet their short and long term goals.  IFC develops an individualized program based on the person's goals and health.


IFC has developed a program that is designed to be performed 3 times per week.  With the program's comprehensive design, rest is a critical part of the success and results that are obtained.  By training three times per week, clients ensure maximum results while avoiding the common error of over training and injury.


IFC has been in business for over 20 years because of its nutrition program.  It is customized for each individual.  The 1 program uses a formula based on one's body fat percentage to strip away unwanted fat while increasing lean body mass.  This program uses no supplements but rather focuses on specific food combinations that are found in your local grocery store.  The program is easy to remember since it consists of 4 small protein based meals, 3 carbohydrate based meals and 1 gallon of water daily. Hence the name 431. 

The 431 nutrition program not only increases energy levels, but it also allows for increased performance while not compromising one's long term health. Contact IFC today for a free evaluation and consultation!


Sherman Oaks

24 sessions - $45 each $1080.00
12 sessions - $50 each $600.00
6 sessions - $55 each $330.00

West Los Angeles

24 sessions - $50 each $1200.00
12 sessions - $55 each $660.00
6 sessions - $60 each $360.00

Some trainers do charge more as all trainers are independent contractors. 

Cardio only membership $50 per month

Independent Trainers
$15 per visit - minimum of 10 sessions purchased at a time
or $500 per month plus $30 per client monthly membership

Evaluations and Re-evaluations

Evaluations are performed on each individual who is interested in starting a program.  The evaluation consists of a medical history questionnaire, blood pressure and pulse, body fat measurements, flexibility and strength testing.  All of this information is placed in our health and fitness assessment program. Participants are given a numerical grade based on the normative values for people in their demographic.  Short and long term goal setting is then conducted and your customized program is designed.  The 431 nutrition program is developed from this information.

Re-evaluations are performed every 24 sessions (two months).  Each re-evaluation also includes a reassessment of your nutritional plan as well as reestablishing your short and long term goals.

Complimentary Workout

All workouts include: Flexibility, Cardiovascular Conditioning and Strength Training.

Nutrition Management

* Goal Oriented Meal Plan
* Supplemental Free Counselling


Continual reassessment to improve overall condition

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